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Active in the glass sector since 1988 in Brazil.

Training-Designer (1991) Glass technician (2002-2014) Glassmaker. Ex.Instrutor Senai-Sebrae (2005 – 2012) Experience in factory floor-Production processes, pcp, commercial. Experience in works – All type of installation in tempered and laminated glass, facades, balconies, residential, commercial. Currently: Technical Instructor Association of Vidracarias Anavidro Technical Instructor School Project Right Instructor Technical School Leads Creator Project System Project Certo.

Jotanael de souza

+ 55 (11) 94646-4242 

42 years working in the glass area. Technical / Industrial Director of multinational glassware for 23 years (training in flow production, cutting, cutting, cutting, serigraphy, tempera, expedition, logistics and layout of industrial plants). Technical / Industrial Consultant to several glass beneficiators throughout Brazil. Courses and lectures at 14 years.

Vagner Gerone

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